Marketing, Design and Construction

The specialists involved in this business activity perform market research, offer the development of new products and the implementation of modern technologies, market the products manufactured by the company - complete sets and non-standard products, and prepare project cost documentation. The designated design and construction group of engineers prepares the constructive and technological documentation for the manufacturing of the new products - boilers and energy facilities.

The production of boilers and energy facilities takes place in the production halls of the New production base located at the company's address in the city of Varna, #9, 3 Mart Blvd. The production's machinery and technological equipment ensure the manufacturing of unique large boilers, boiler parts and energy facilities required for the industry sector.


Installation, Repair and Servicing

Promishlena Energetika Varna AD performs installation, repair and servicing not just of its own produced boilers and energy facilities, but also on boiler and technological installations, including hot water and steam pipelines, combustion systems, oil, gas and combined burners, control panels, pumps, fans, including electrical connection of the specific facilities, regime & technology settings of combustion processes, and subscription servicing. The installation, repair and servicing groups have their own transport and the required specialized machinery and tools. They carry out their activities on sites throughout the country.