“Promishlena energetika-Varna” JSC started to develop a new direction in its production activity, related to the design, manufacture and implementation of utilization installations, ensuring economy of fuel, heat energy and money when operating boilers and other thermal equipment burning natural gas.

For this purpose, utilization facilities with technical names are used:


In this new direction, “Industrial Energy-Varna” JSC works with the most experienced specialists in our country, applying the best possible solutions for each specific site depending on the specific features and parameters of the fuel plant and the heating scheme.

The main amount of thermal energy that is utilized is obtained from the heat of the released exhaust gases when cooling with water /or another fluid/, where the economy depends on the temperature of the exhaust gases and the condensation of the water vapor in them.

Field of application

  • Water heating for technological or domestic needs;
  • Heating the make-up water for the boilers before or after chemical treatment;
  • Increasing the temperature of the water before entering the deaerator or the boiler;
  • Increasing the water temperature in the circuit of own or external heating installation;
  • Heating of other fluids – liquid or gaseous;


Advantages of using recycling plants

1. Increasing the efficiency by 4-14% of the energy equipment, by absorbing the thermal energy from the exhaust gases.

2. Depending on the specific case, investments are returned in a short period of time /from a few months to a year/.

3. Increased energy efficiency leads to a positive environmental effect:

  • reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • reduction of released heat into the atmosphere;

This is increasingly being taken into account when implementing energy projects.

4. The implementation of waste collectors makes it possible to receive credits and subsidies under National and EU programs for energy efficiency.

“Promishlena Energetika – Varna” JSC has already manufactured and implemented utilization installations for boilers, furnaces and cogenerators with LPG for heating water for heating installations, domestic hot water supply and technological needs.

Download the recycling facilities request questionnaire here